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About Project

Jagger was developed internally by GridDynamics to control quality of mission-critical services that GridDynamics delivers to its clients. This suite reflects years of hands-on experience in consulting, development, and production support of high-performance applications and realizes best practices of continuous delivery and quality assurance.

Contact us

If you have a question, need support with Jagger adoption, want to contribute or request a feature, please mail us to


Anton Antonenko

Andrey Badaev

Andrey Sokol

Nikolay Mishin

Oleksii Skliarov

Evgeniy Lozolvan

Dmitry Latnikov

Igor Yagovoy

Ilya Katsov

Dmitry Kotlyarov

Mairbek Khadikov

Vladimir Shulga

Alexey Kiselyov

Evelina Stepanova

Kirill Gribov

Andrey Mikryukov

Nikolay Musienko

Mark Novozhilov